Hello Church Family!
We have exciting news! We are relaunching our Bible study small groups! Our launch date is the first Sunday in October (Oct. 4). We are inviting you to reengage in weekly Bible study. Sunday School teachers will be contacting class members with information on where and at what time each class will be meeting. You may be meeting in a different location than previously. Look for an email or phone call soon.
Please note that in making this move, we are taking all precautions with COVID protocols. That means we will continue to wear face coverings while on church property, as during worship services, with the one exception of the teacher when teaching, if they choose in order to be heard more clearly. We will work to insure that rooms are clean, hand sanitizer is available,  and social distancing is maintained.
Come join in on October 4!
Dr. Gerald L. Stevens
Director, Summer Language Institute
Distinguished Professor of NT and Greek
New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary
3939 Gentilly Blvd., New Orleans, LA 70126
Summer Language Institute: