Dear church family,
COVID cases and hospitalizations are on the rise dramatically in Louisiana and across the nation like we have not seen since the pandemic began. We are monitoring the situation and trying to lead responsibly. Let me share a few important comments and reminders related to our on-going pandemic situation.
(1) Safety Protocols. First, be aware that our safety protocols we have put in place (traffic control, masks, six feet distancing, hand sanitizer stations) allow us not to be unduly alarmed if any instances occur among our church family. Because of our protocols, our exposure jeopardy should be minimal. Our concern, therefore, should be low. That assurance is precisely why these protocols are in place. As a reminder, please wear your mask correctly (completely covering both nose and mouth) and practice social distancing while in the church building. Please note that clinical studies have demonstrated clearly that bandanas and pull-up turtle necks are not effective mask coverings, and their use is discouraged for this reason.
(2) Contact Tracing. Second, our plan is to inform you if we become aware of members of our church family who test positive for COVID-19 after attending Bible study or worship service. Please notify the church office immediately if you test positive for COVID-19 after attending Bible study or church services. We then will notify specifically those members potentially exposed either in the small group setting or in the worship setting. We will inform anyone determined to be at risk directly to provide relevant and open communication within our church family.
(3) Personal Monitoring. Third, as always, be diligent to monitor yourself personally and not to ignore potential signs of this virus. We strongly urge if you begin to experience COVID-like symptoms that you consult a health care provider immediately. If you have been exposed to someone with COVID, we ask that you observe the CDC guidelines requiring 14 days of quarantine from the date of exposure. Following these protocols will protect others from contracting COVID. If you attend any function at FBCL and develop COVID-like symptoms or test positive within 48 to 72 hours of attendance, please advise the church office immediately.
I am confident God will see us through this pandemic and its impact on our community and our church. We will try to act responsibly in the meantime. Pray for God’s watchcare and provision.
God bless,
Dr. Gerald L. Stevens
Interim Pastor