UPDATED 4/30/21
Gerald L. Stevens
Interim Pastor
First Baptist Church, Luling

April 29, 2021

Hello church family at First Baptist, Luling!
This is your pastor, Dr. Gerald Stevens. I wanted to share some important information with you.
After the CDC announcement early this week, the governor of Louisiana made an
announcement about his statewide mask mandate. What is important to realize is that the
change in protocol mostly applies to outdoor activity. What about indoors? What the governor
said was, “Indoors, a facility may choose to operate at 75 percent capacity while enforcing six feet
of social distancing or at 100 percent capacity with masking required and enforced.” Further, the
governor indicated masking still is recommended overall.
Realize that this relaxation of COVID masking protocol is directly related to availability of
vaccines. What that means is that we never would have gotten to this point of relaxing mask
mandates without vaccines, and we will make no progress further without vaccines. Whenever
you hear of any relaxation of any requirement related to COVID, that news is your strongest
argument for getting a vaccine. The more people who get a vaccine the more we move in a
positive direction away from a pandemic lifestyle. Want to move the ball down field to the goal
line of being free of pandemic protocols? Get vaccinated!
What do the new protocols mean for First Baptist, Luling? Since the main impact was targeted to
outdoor activity, then we are little impacted. We are indoor activity. We cannot maintain true
six-feet distancing all the time. We cannot guarantee all attending have been vaccinated.
Therefore, at First Baptist Luling, we are still requiring masks for all indoor activity, whether
worship services, Bible studies, or committee meetings.
Mask wearing no longer is mandated when outdoors on the church campus. Those who have not
been vaccinated, however, strongly are encouraged to wear a mask even outdoors when
congregating in a crowd of people.
Your safety is our premier concern. We are thankful to God our country has made noticeable
progress in dealing with the pandemic. For now, wisdom says we will still be wearing masks
indoors for church activity for the time being. In the meantime, we will continue to monitor state
and local pronouncements and act accordingly as conditions change for better or worse with
wisdom and prudence.
May God bless you richly!
Dr. Gerald L. Stevens Interim Pastor