UPDATED 2/1/21
Dear church family,

Let me provide another COVID update as we move into February 2021. We have a mixed situation that will require our continued patience. (1) Continuing Safety Protocols. First, all safety protocols remain in place for the foreseeable future (masks, hand sanitizer, social distancing, controlled traffic flow, contact tracing). So far, we have done extremely well. We have not had any outbreaks directly related to our church activities, and for that we are extremely grateful. I am so proud of you. I boast of your active support of these protocols to everyone. The vaccine rollout is much slower than anyone anticipated, but increasingly will help us get on top of this pandemic over time. We have to be patient. Even if you have been vaccinated, please continue to observe church protocols. The unexpected complication we now are facing is the virus is mutating faster than we might have thought. More contagious strains have developed (which means, spreads faster and easier to more people) in the United Kingdom and South Africa, and these strains are now in the United States affecting many communities. These more contagious strains will challenge and slow down the process of getting on top of the pandemic. As before, please notify the church office immediately if you test positive for COVID-19 after attending Bible study or church services. We will notify specifically those members potentially exposed either in the small group setting or in the worship setting. We will inform anyone determined to be at risk directly to provide relevant and open communication within our church family. Also, please self-monitor. Do not to ignore potential signs of this virus. We strongly urge if you begin to experience COVID-like symptoms that you consult a health care provider immediately. (2) Faithful Church Ministry. Second, I wanted to say how proud I am of our church family, leadership team, and staff. Even with the tremendous hindrances a pandemic generates in society, they have served faithfully and creatively in this strange and stressful time. They have been patient and faithful. They creatively have harnessed technology to continue reaching people, and our move our church ministries forward even with these hindrances. I especially want to thank the deacons for doing a fine job in their family ministry responsibilities. And regular church members have responded well too! Attendance at church services, even with pandemic restrictions, has been at or near the maximum allowed from Sunday to Sunday. On that score, in terms of percentages, we are beating many churches in the association by a long shot. Well done! So, I am encouraged. We will get through this, but we must continue to be vigilant and patient. I am confident God will see us through this pandemic and its impact on our community and our church. We will continue to act responsibly in the meantime. Pray for God’s watchcare and provision. God bless. Dr. Gerald L. Stevens Interim Pastor