Dear First Baptist of Luling,  

Good news! God is doing wonderful things in our worship. Our attendance has grown and participation and support is providing encouragement to all. I so appreciate your faithful attendance even during our season of COVID restrictions.
In terms of our worship, I have some good news for you! In the effort to enhance our worship setting, we are moving forward with an upgrade to our multimedia equipment with the hearty endorsement of both the Stewardship and Building and Grounds Committees. Everyone is excited about these improvements.  
We have two goals. First, we want to resolve major problems with our video projection setup. Second, we want to complete long-overdue work on our audio system.  
(1) Goal 1: Video Projection. We have an extreme problem with our video projection setup using an old and outdated LCD projector system. Why? Because water is not the only thing flooding our auditorium!  🙂  Very bright, direct daylight floods our auditorium every Sunday. You are well aware we have two solid walls of windows both in the front and in the back of the auditorium.  
While this feature of our auditorium is pretty architecturally, the arrangement is nearly impossible for video projection during the day. Making matters worse, these walls of windows are in an east/west orientation, so are exposed to direct sunlight. A video projector with sufficient brightness to overcome all that natural light during the day would cost as much as an expensive, luxury car (no joke—that is what the consultants told us).  
However, we have good news. Two different media consultants both suggested the exact same solution to our video projection problem in the church auditorium independently of each other. The proposed solution is viable, cost effective, and reasonable for the church. They both proposed replacing our LCD projector system with a large-screen TV monitor. A large-screen TV monitor easily will be able to overcome the daylight problem in the auditorium.  
This solution is only possible now because large screen TV prices have plummeted in just the last two years. Almost all churches today are making this change from LCD projectors to TV monitors. To be sure, the screen size will be much smaller than the current projector screen. Yet, what good is a large screen upon which you cannot see anything? In fact, the brightness, color saturation, sharpness, and readability of a large screen TV monitor will be a hundred times better. Smaller in this situation actually is better!  
(2) Goal 2: Audio Completion. We have unfinished audio enhancements that we will complete. This work will include installing a new power amp to run the monitor speakers in the back of the church, as well as the speakers installed but never hooked up in the foyer. These additional auditorium speakers will aid hearing for the hearing impaired toward the back of the church. The foyer speakers will allow those having to be in the foyer during worship still to be able to hear the service. We also will “tune up” our existing sound board and reset all the equipment for optimum operating conditions.  
Make a contribution! I wanted you to know of these exciting developments that will enhance our worship to encourage you with this good news. I also wanted to urge you to make a special contribution to help offset the cost of these needed improvements and updates. You may give online by choosing the “Media” selection in the online giving section of our website, or you may simply write “Media” on your check to place in the offering plate.   Please give today, and God bless!  
Bro. Jerry