Hello church family,

This is your pastor, Jerry Stevens, with an important update. Tropical storm Ida is projected to strengthen to a category 3 major hurricane and make landfall on the Louisiana coastline likely impacting the New Orleans area sometime Sunday afternoon. Therefore, I am cancelling at this time all Sunday activities. I truly regret having to take this action, as I so was looking forward to hearing from our Pastor Search Committee. We will have to plan this event for another time yet to be determined.

For those in the path of the storm, I pray that you are able to stay safe. Pay attention to governmental updates and voluntary and mandatory evacuation orders, if given. If you choose to shelter in place, gas up your cars. Have non-perishable food and water supplies, and flashlights with fresh batteries. Fill critical medical prescriptions. Secure loose property, such as lawn chairs, etc.

Contact our deacons if you need any assistance. We will do our best to try to help you, but please keep in mind all COVID protocols.

We are praying for your safety. Please pray for the safety of Louisiana residents and others in the path of this storm.

Looking forward to when we can gather together in worship again. Until then, may God bless you.

Brother Jerry